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Our Story

We continued to grow over 50 years by providing a broad menu of financial products, combined with impeccable service to our loyal clients. We are proud of our family owned history…Learn more about our proud history, and see how far our family-owned firm has come.

Holland Financial Group’s beginnings date back to July of 1968, when Roger Holland first began serving families in the local community for their insurance needs. Roger started his career with only 34 clients, all of whom became members of his extended family over time. Joining families at their dinner table to discuss various financial needs, Roger was well-known and loved by many in the community.

He later established his own insurance practice, with the goal of helping local residents better plan for the uncertainty of the future. His efforts would eventually evolve into the full service financial planning firm that countless families depend on to this day. Family owned and operated, Holland Financial Group is currently led by Brad Holland, the son of Roger.

Roger’s son, Brad Holland, began to transition the family insurance firm into a full-service financial planning office starting in 2005. Today, Holland Financial Group serves clients and their families in all areas of financial planning, investments, and insurance. Many of the firm’s first clients are still represented by third and fourth generations. The children who fondly remember Roger’s visits around the kitchen table, are now planning for their retirement with our firm.

We are proud of our story, and even more proud of the legacy we are helping countless families establish for future generations. Give us a call today, and begin planning your legacy for tomorrow.