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Who We Serve

At Holland Financial Group, we are proud to serve individuals and their families in all matters of personal financial planning. Established in 1968, our practice is serving second, third, and even fourth generations in some families. Our team believes that the true root to a successful planning relationship is experience, combined with trust and the ability to communicate well with one another. Absent of these two basic necessities, effective planning is unlikely to take place.

Working with clients of all ages, industries, and income levels, our firm welcomes the opportunity to collaborate with individuals who share our vision for solid financial planning. Our clients are individuals, entrepreneurs, business owners, and adventure-seekers. They think creatively when it comes to their personal finances, and want to work with a team that is committed to weaving their personal and financial lives together, in order to achieve their goals.

Retirement is not so much a destination, as it is a process. At Holland Financial Group, we work with people who understand this, place value in it, and who realize that their entire world is not going to change the day they walk away from their career. We help people on a holistic level. Guiding them through the entirety of their financial life, so they can plan for their retirement one step at a time.

Anyone can print out recycled retirement plans and quote life insurance products. At Holland Financial Group, we work with individuals who realize they deserve more than rehearsed advice and stock products. Because you aren’t just anyone, and neither are we.